Katherine D. Harris

Website: http://www.sjsu.edu/faculty/harris

Twitter: TriProfTri

I'm an Assistant Professor in the English Department at San Jose State University (a California State University school). Our university's tag line is "Powering Silicon Valley" primarily because SJSU supplies most of the engineers to Silicon Valley firms. However, Digital Humanities/Studies is elusive here primarily because we are such a fractured community of teachers, scholars and students. Over the last 2 years, I have been working Dean Karl Toepfer to bring the Digital to us. That means I not only proselytize to our faculty about incorporating digital resources and tools into the classroom, but I also have been poking the Digital Humanities crowds at large to consider more pedagogy in the field, and including more students. I fell into Digital Humanities as a textual studies and history of the book scholar who needed to be able to visualize thousands of pages from early 19th Century texts. After creating this resource exclusively for my use, TEI standards became the norm and I've been trying to convert the Forget Me Not Hypertextual Archive ever since. Lately, I've been encouraging my students to explore creating digital projects as their final essays. Five years ago, this was difficult. Last semester, it was invigorating. Now, I'm going up for tenure and promotion and will need to convince my Department, College and University committees that digital scholarship and innovative uses of the digital in the classroom are the wave of the future and are as valid as any print publication or lecture-based classroom.

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